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"Prior to working with Mark the voice was a mysterious and inconsistent aspect of my work. I was almost afraid of it. Now it feels like a much more accessible and exciting area that is filled with potential. Mark's lessons have given me a whole new confidence in my vocal ability. He addressed and worked through a pretty serious vocal concern I had and has helped me to understand that my voice has changed and will change and to embrace this with due care and attention.."

Conor Lovett
Gare St Lazare Players Ireland

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Mark in terms of voice production, tying in with character, in preparation to play Lucky in Gare St Lazare's acclaimed production of Waiting For Godot in New York in October 2015 and I found his invaluable guidance and advice to be thoroughly inspiring. I would highly recommend him as a voice coach."

Marcus Lamb - Actor

"I really find this approach to voice work extremely valuable for both my acting and for life. I love the moments when I feel myself connecting to my presence, and the power it gives to the work and words. I also find it equally valuable that this type of work reveals to me the habits that are holding me back from my presence. I am looking forward to continuing this journey. I definitely would recommend this workshop to others, thank you so much Mark!"

Nicola Rollett- Actor

"I went to Mark so he could teach me how to sing my bands music live without straining my voice, I came out of lessons not only being able to do that, but I have control of my voice.... and more importantly, an understanding of why"

Andrew Gerard (Guitarist / backing vocals from Canadian Rock group DANHA)

"The right to breathe, the right to be physically unashamed, to fully vocalize, to need, choose and make contact with a word, to release a word into space – the right to speak. And in taking your rights you can then feel secure and generous enough to offer others their rights and listen attentively and generously to others."

Declaring Your Vocal Rights

Patsy Rodenburg

About Mark Downey

Mark Downey, B.A. is an experienced and certified vocal and a presence coach. He is the Owner and Director of Speech & Presence for business leaders and Mark Downey Vocal Studio for artists in Dublin, Ireland. He is also co –owner and artistic director of Ensemble Media Productions.

He trained under several Speech Level Singing Master teachers including Greg Enriquez, Wendy Parr and of course Seth Riggs, vocal coach to the stars including Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. He was Certified by SLS as a teacher after several years of training as a singer .

He has studied voice, presence and performance all over the world for the past 25 years with many of the recognised World Masters in the field, including Cicely Berry and Patsy Rodenburg. With Ms. Rodenburg, the world’s foremost vocal coach, he trained in voice, speech and presence skills.He is a Certified Vocal Coach and one of only 10 teachers worldwide who have been selected by Ms. Rodenburg as her first ever Registered Rodenburg Teachers.

In addition, he has trained in Owning The Space And Body Language in Paris in full time studies with the renowned master of movement, Jacques Lecoq. As a classically trained actor who performed professionally on an international level, Mark successfully adapted this experience and knowledge to apply in the business, corporate and community environments as well as theatre and film.

Recently returned to Europe after a decade in North America, Mark is now based in Dublin, Ireland. He works with clients all over the globe in person and via Skype.

Voice Lessons for Actors and Singers

Mark Downey relocated himself in Dublin, Ireland and he continues to train his clients in Canada and US online/via Skype.

Lessons are a one to one basis at Mark's Dublin, Ireland studio or via Skype.

Lessons are for anybody who wishes to develop their voice, be it personal or professional.

Regular lessons are typically a 30 - 60 minute intensive work out.

Bring along a recording device, (smart phone etc.) to record the lesson. If you don't have one don't worry I can record it for you.

Mark Downey Vocal Studio is a proud supporter of emerging talents!

Contact for your assessment session !

  • Phone:+353 85 806 7575
  • "Mark’s passion and commitment to voice work coupled with his knowledge of body movement makes his sessions engaging, inspiring and transformational. Wether you're a seasoned actor or new to the craft, Mark is a positive and encouraging mentor dedicated to your success. I would recommend his technique and process to anyone devoted to achieving their potential on stage and in film."

    James Hutson
    James Hutson IMDB

    Voice and Movement Intensive For Actors

    Rodenburg & Lecoq Voice and Movement Intensive for Actors with Mark Downey in Dublin, Ireland

    This workshop is designed for actors who wish to explore their vocal and physical presence, widen their range in both and create a solid foundation for developing character. The training will allow actors to expand their vocal and physical expressiveness and come into their full power and presence in both body and voice. We will learn to replace the habitual with the natural in movement and voice..

    Rodenburg Voice work in this workshop will include:

    Second Circle Presence ©

    Accessing the diaphragmatic breath

    Aligning the posture

    Freeing and placing the natural voice

    Articulation and owning the word

    Speaking Shakespeare

    Letting the text work you

    Lecoq Movement work in this workshop will include:

    Physical preparation and movement analysis

    An introduction to Neutral Mask as a fundamental tool in the actor’s training; The Neutral Mask cultivates a state of readiness, of physical availability — a white canvas on which our habitual movement, imagination and breath is revealed.

    Guided improvisation exercises geared towards exploring and clarifying character work.

  • Effective Communication, Public Speaking & Leadership Presence

    Speech & Presence for Effective Communication For Business Professionals

    Mark Downey currently trains and coaches business and community leaders in Speech and Presence, and effective communication in all contexts with immense success.He is an experienced performance and artistic director of both spoken and non-spoken performance for stage and screen. Mark is an experienced script and speechwriter for speech presentation and media presentations. With his incredible skill and vast knowledge, he is able to successfully change how people present themselves through effective communication and presence.

    Among the cutting-edge techniques he uses in his training is Patsy Rodenburg’s Second Circle™. His current area of interest is in the pioneering research exploring the links between the art of communication and neuroscience.

    Book your Speech & Presence lesson here

    Latest News

    Poetry And...The Divided Brain

    This series of poetry readings and talks for King’s students, free and open to the public, takes place in the atmospheric venue of King’s College Chapel. A chance to hear some of the most exciting voices writing today, this series demonstrates the fresh and relevant insights poetry offers into vital areas of experience in the modern world.

    This event will feature psychiatrist, doctor and writer Iain McGilchrist, author of the neuro-science best-seller, The Master and His Emissary, and multi-prize-winning poet Michael Symmons-Roberts, author of Corpus and Drysalter.

    Thursday, March 3, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (GMT)

    The Chapel, King's College, London WC2R 2LS

    Event Details:

    Beckett in Foxrock

    An evening of drama, poetry and prose to honour Samuel Beckett, Nobel Laureate, Dubliner and one of the world’s most influential writers. will include some of his favourite music in the village where he was born, grew up and which influenced him so much.

    This will be a unique event held in Tullow Church, Brighton Road, Carrickmines as Beckett’s mother was a faithful member of the church and the young Samuel regularly attended with her. These, and other local experiences, were ultimately woven into many of his later works. A plaque in Samuel Beckett’s honour will be unveiled in the church by members of the Beckett family.

    Actors Geraldine Plunkett, Marcus Lamb, Jennifer Laverty, Melissa Nolan, Cathal Quinn and Colm O’Brien will perform theatrical extracts, poetry and prose produced by Mouth on Fire Theatre Company. Organist Rónán Murray and singer Donal Flinn will perform Schubert, while Dr Feargal Whelan (UCD) will connect Beckett’s work to the Foxrock/Carrickmines area.

    Presented by Tullow Parish and Mouth on Fire Theatre Company in association with Foxrock Area Community & Enterprise with support from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. Sat 5 March 2016 8pm Tullow Church, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Co Dublin

    Event Details:

    Body over Mind: unleash your Power Presence

    Scientific research at Universities such as Harvard, Columbia and Berkley has confirmed that our body posture will immediately and considerably change the chemical configurations of our brains to the extent that it significantly shifts our self-confidence, either positively or negatively. This proportionately affects the perceptions others hold of us affirmatively or adversely within a minute, sometimes seconds.

    (See Professor Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School discuss this on TED talks.)

    “I am really much more interesting than I sound”. Once it comes to speaking our confidence in our voices amplifies or diminishes our charisma. Confidence comes from having the technique to open and project our voices. Do not believe that your voice is unchangeable. It just needs to be freed.

    “What do I do with my hands?” You can tell when a speaker has taken certain public speaking courses. They all make similar, safe gestures and we instinctively do not give them our complete trust as we feel perhaps they may be hiding something under that packagi. However, when the posture is aligned, the voice is free and we are connecting with true presence to our listener(s), our actions organically begin to suit our words. Our true selves are revealed and our listeners reciprocate by truly listening.

    If you would like to attain permanent powerful presence, both verbally and nonverbally, book your first lesson with Mark Downey Vocal Studio!

    "Waiting for Godot" by Gare St Lazare Players Ireland

    Congratulations to Mark Downey Vocal Studio student Conor Lovett and Gare St Lazare Players for the new upcoming touring dates in 2014-2015!

    - All the dead voices.

    - They make a noise like Ashes.

    Gary Lydon and Conor Lovett wait a while.

    Congratulations to MDVS students -- Chahira and Kamelia Merarsi!

    These sensationally artistic ladies will be performing and competing in Conseil culturel et artistique CB (CCAFCB)'s concert - Pacifique en chanson. The competition features francophone artists from BC and the Yukon.

    Very honored and proud to be part of Chahira and Kamelia's artistic growth. Can't wait to see you ladies perform on June 7th.

    Artists and Event Details:

    Vocal Coaching the cast of "White Hot" by Kindred Entertainment!

    Working with the WhiteHot cast has been a fantastic experience. Don't forget to check them out - last show is on May 17th. Go to Kindred Entertainment's website below to get your tickets! "White Hot is a darkly comedic psycho-drama crammed into a love triangle between a troubled woman, her opportunistic husband, and her trashed sister. Burrowing fearlessly into themes of sexual deviance and social depravity, White Hot playfully struts the razor's edge between hilarity and horror. A feel-dirty comedy not to be missed!"

    Director: Ben Ratner Starring: Loretta Walsh, Noel Johansen, Stefania Indelicato and Charlie Carrick THE SHOP THEATER – 125 East 2nd Ave May 8th-17th Tues-Sat 8pm

    Welcome to the website of Mark Downey Vocal Studio!

    Mark Downey Vocal Studio opened its doors in October, 2012.I now have 14 singers, musicians, actors, a radio and TV presenter and several people realising their singing voices for the first time as students. I am also teaching in English and French which is a real joy. I pack my bags at the end of this week and head for Los Angeles to study with legendary voice coach, Seth Riggs. Seth originated the Speech Level Singing technique 50 years ago and has since had over 120 Grammy winners as clients ranging from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson to Josh Groban and Philip Webb. I am very, very excited about doing this in person with the Maestro and expect to bring back some deep knowledge from the wise one!

    More to follow......


    "Mark’s passion and commitment to voice work coupled with his knowledge of body movement makes his sessions engaging, inspiring and transformational. Wether you're a seasoned actor or new to the craft, Mark is a positive and encouraging mentor dedicated to your success. I would recommend his technique and process to anyone devoted to achieving their potential on stage and in film."

    James Hutson,

    " I'm an actor, a workshop facilitator, and I occasionally give talks. But I'm a shy closet car singer. And I have found a miracle worker for my voice. Mark Downey has cleverly coaxed sounds out of me I never knew I had. After each concise session, I'm thrilled & motivated and wanting to practice. I highly recommend anyone who speaks and / or sings in their profession or for fun to take his coaching and really own your voice"

    Trilby Jeeves,